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Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis: What should I do after a hypnosis session?


Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness and relaxation that is induced through a trained professional, known as a hypnotherapist. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist guides the patron into a trance-like state, where the mind is more open to recommendation and able to focus on positive adjustments and personal growth.

The first step in a hypnosis session is the induction phase. This is where the hypnotherapist helps the client to relax and enter a trance-like state. This is often achieved by having the client focus on their breathing or visualizing a calming scene. The hypnotherapist may additionally use a soothing voice and repetitive phrases to help the client reach a nation of relaxation.

Once the client is in a trance-like state, the hypnotherapist may begin to suggest positive changes or encourage the client to visualize specific scenarios. For example, the hypnotherapist may suggest that the client visualize themselves achieving a particular goal, such as quitting smoking or losing weight. Alternatively, the hypnotherapist may additionally encourage the client to focus on positive affirmations, such as “I am confident” or “I am worthy of love.”

During a hypnosis session, the client remains in manage at all times. They are fully aware of what is happening around them and can choose to come out of the trance at any time. However, while in a trance-like state, the mind is greater receptive to suggestion, making it easier for the client to make positive changes.

As the session comes to an end, the hypnotherapist will guide the client out of the trance and back to a state of full awareness. This might also involve counting backward from 10 or encouraging the client to stretch and become extra alert. Once the client is fully awake, the hypnotherapist may talk about any insights or experiences that arose during the session and provide guidance for continuing personal growth.

Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis: What happens after the session?

I have mixed feelings about this question, there are no real finite answers to it simply because it depends on the Hypnotherapist.

Some may say there is a “hypnotic lag” in the first few minutes after a session, others will say no there is not.

I will take the glass as a half-full approach to this question. When a subject comes out of hypnosis some Hypnotists will not include the words “wide awake” to indicate back to full awareness. I always use these words because there is a possibility the subject may accidentally sabotage the session by simply thinking a negative thought.

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The awakening portion of the session is as important as the session itself. You must have a structured process in place to ensure success. I will always speak with the subject (client) after the end of the hypnotic session. I ask questions that distract and help with any hypnotic lag.

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I am amazed to see how many Hypnotists simply allow the client to either just walk away, or say negative words following a session. The session ends when the client is back to full awareness.

Every section of the hypnotic process must be followed to ensure success, there cannot be any shortcuts. Doing so will cheat your client of the help they truly need.

As therapists we need to look after our clients instead of loving the way we sound.

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