About the author: Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is certified and accredited by The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The National Guild of Hypnotists.

This is a question I hear often.

There are so much misleading or outright lies out there about what Hypnotherapy is and is not.

I hope this article helps you understand exactly that. As a trained and professional Hypnotherapist, I always communicate with clients (and prospective clients) about any health risks involving my Hypnosis programs or Hypnotherapy in general.

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Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist | American Board of Hypnotherapy & The National Guild of Hypnotists

Let me just say this: Hypnosis cannot make you superhuman! Sorry folks if you dream of becoming Thor or Spiderman it will not happen with Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is very natural and safe (when completed by a trained professional). But there are some side effects especially when the Hypnotist does not take adequate precautions.

The first and probably the most misunderstood hypnotic reaction is called an Abreaction.

An Abreaction is a belief that you are reliving an experience (usually a negative experience). Reliving an experience is impossible, not even in your dreams can you relive an experience. You can revisit an experience by using hypnosis or hypnosis/regression.

A trained professional will always remind you during the pre-talk that you cannot be harmed by any of these experiences, and that you are perfectly safe sitting on a lounge chair or wherever you are currently situated.

And if an Abreaction occurs the Hypnotherapist needs to know the steps of how to bring the subject (client) back and completely relaxed.

There are other effects of Hypnosis that you should be aware of: you feel numb in areas of your body, chills, warmth, or certain body parts may feel heavier than the other (legs and arms are a perfect example of this hypnotic phenomenon. These effects usually disappear within minutes.

I hope this article answered your question(s) regarding hypnotic effects, please feel free to contact me directly for more information.

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