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I wanted to personally thank all those wonderful family and friends you have supported me along the way!

It’s been a grueling path to get to this amazingly beautiful point in my life.

Back to the beginning

My introduction to Hypnotherapy and it’s dramatically powerful results.

As a teen, I found myself being a pack-a-day smoker and a noticeable speech impediment.

Smoking as we all know is a powerful addiction to conquer – I could never imagine being able to quit. But here I am, 30 something years later & smoke free. I did it with the powerful effects of Hypnosis and my desire to finally quit – I’m not here to judge anyone, but for myself it was time to quit, and I did.

“You say a word it becomes alive, the word becomes energy, and the energy becomes reality!”

My speech impediment as a young(ish) man affected me immensely. I became shy to speak in public, I lost self-confidence, lost friends and ultimately myself.

Once again, I visited a Hypnotherapist and after a few sessions, my speech patterns grew stronger, I am now more confident, I speak clearly with poise and determination.

Don’t misunderstand me, my speech is not what some may call “perfect”, but so what I’m perfectly happy now!

So, I understand your pain, your feelings. All I can say is that there is light in the darkness, and hope in sadness.

I understand that reaching out to a face on the internet may make you nervous, I get it I’ve been there myself.

I promise you, that reaching out to me is the hard part, what comes next will be amazing!

If you’re ready for massive, profound changes, I’m here for you.

Let’s see where this journey takes us!

Contact me for positive changes!



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