“How do you Hypnotize, and is it scary?”

The process is called the “Hypnotic Induction.”

Hypnotic Induction is a journey (or the beginning of a journey to be more precise).

When done correctly, the client will enjoy a beautiful journey within. A complete relaxation of the mind spirit and body.

I always begin with the breathe, to center yourself, ground yourself to begin to relax and open your mind to it’s borderless limitations.

My words are focused on focusing, relaxing the small muscle groups first, then larger. Section by section, deeply relaxed – some may even feel the relaxation just by reading these words!

Depending on the level of depth, the depth work or deepening – you have have entered a light Hypnotic trance – Alpha brain waves – similar to the feeling of a day dream!

This is where the journey’s expansion expands, mind-body connection and deep relaxation.

Now we can stay at the level (which is absolutely amazing) or go even deeper.

That we can discuss in my next post – so don’t forget to check-in regularly.

All my inductions are customized to my clients need(s) and personality type. I discover this info during our Strategy Session.

While smoking (all those years ago) I began to make certain “observations” regarding my behavior.

Have you ever noticed “flicking” the cigarette butt as far away as possible, or grinding it down to dust under your shoe?”

I did, and I began to ask myself “why?”

Simply stated – I knew it was disgusting and had to get rid of it as fast as possible!

The further the better, the more destroyed the better!

I even found myself walking to the edge of my yard and flicking it on the street, or out of the car window (sorry).

Anyone else recognize this behavior?

It was so filthy, I couldn’t bare have it near me (until the next one anyways).

Our body is saying “get rid of it”, our mind say’s “it helps you relax, be calm” keep doing it!”

The great internal struggle continues…

I can help YOU break this struggle for good! Permanently, once and for all.

When you’re ready to talk, I’m here for you!

Take advantage of your free 30-min virtual strategy session.

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking.

Kind regards,

Fanis Makrigiannis C.Ht

Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis



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