Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Sprit Body Hypnosis is a Certified Hypnotherapist with The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Using Time-Line Therapy for Outstanding Therapeutic Results!

Hello everyone Fanis here with another episode of my Hypnotherapy journey seen through my own eyes.

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Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist | Master Practitioner Neuro-linguistic Programming | American Board of Hypnotherapists

Using Hypnosis, Time-line therapy and Neuro-linguistic programming in session are absolutely amazingly powerful, and effective and the effects are profound.

You make ask why?

The truth is, separately each of these modalities are extremely powerful. I’ve personally combined all three to add levels, layers, and textures to my clients sessions. Their experience is enriched, personal and realistic causing superior results in a shortened time frame.

Finding an accredited Hypnotherapist is now easier than before.

I personally love using a hallway as a metaphor for going back in time. Clients have an easy time envisioning going back in time, simply by walking down a corridor/hallway.

The hallway has many layers to it, adding context, to the user. A sense of truism. For example, adding lush colored carpeting, odors, and lighting.

The main features are the doors that line the hallway on either side. Each door represents a specific time period. The subconscious mind will randomly (not so random) choose a particular door (as I guide the client to open and enter the room).

The room can be filled with important artifacts, collectables, picture frames etc. Anything the user wants to create that has a powerful symbolic purpose.

Depending on the circumstances, I may guide the client to visit several rooms (each room representing a chance to heal). Some traumatic incidents can take several sessions to overcome (visiting multiple rooms per session).

The client will then walk back to the starting point, the present day and face the other direction (their future). They see themselves as their natural state now, as they were meant to be – healed, healthy, and ready to live the life they deserve.

Using Time-line therapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP for fears | phobias is extremely powerful and effective. Ask me how.

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