Fanis Makrigiannis, Certified Hypnotherapist of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis can help you overcome the struggles that hold you down!

“Do you actually listen?” “I mean truly listen beyond the sounds of what is being said!”

I call this “going beyond the beyond!”

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend that moved out of the province.

He is a truly phenomenal person!

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Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist | Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis | American Board of Hypnotherapy

We started chit chatting back and forth and I quickly realized he wouldn’t let me complete my entire thought, he wasn’t noticing my facial expressions, my tonality – the meanings behind the meanings.

Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis can help you overcome your struggles that have held you down for so long!

This conversation although pleasant, brought a serious issue to mind.

I know of therapists who do the same thing – they hear what they want to hear and everything else is ignored.

How can we as healers, truly help anyone if we’re losing over 90% of the message?

Too many are talking when they shouldn’t, cutting the client off way to early or are to busy taking notes and not noticing facial expressions.

The true art of communicating effectively is not on a single dimension plain – we are not one dimensional beings, neither is our ability to communicate.

On Friday, I spoke to a friend who is a true professional communicator CBH – she kind of reminded me of me! But please don’t tell her that her head is already massive (joking ;))….

All I’m saying is as healers listen to the words, look at the behaviours, facial expressions, tonality, the meaning beyond the beyond – only then we can capture the truest essence of the meaning of what is being truly said!

Sometimes, it’s best to shut up and let your client tell you what’s really going on!

I’m curious to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

“I’m committed and dedicated to you, to your well-being, not just as a person who has a struggle, but your well-being as a human being!”

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