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Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Self-esteem is defined as the way in which people evaluate themselves, and is often measured by how they feel about their appearance and accomplishments. It’s a feeling of self-worth.

Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on many aspects of life, including mental health, relationships, academic performance and physical health. Low self-esteem can also lead to depression or other psychological disorders.

Low self-esteem is a general feeling of not being good enough. It can be caused by a variety of factors, for example:

– Being teased about one’s appearance or size as a child

– Being told that one is not good enough in school or in sports

– Being criticized as an adult for things like not having a successful career or being single.

Low self-esteem is a mental health issue that affects many people. It is characterized by feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth.

Hypnosis can help with low self-esteem to some degree, because it can help people to see themselves objectively and change the way they see themselves. This will not be a quick fix, but it can be an effective long-term solution for people who suffer from low self-esteem.

Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is certified with The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The National Guild of Hypnotists.

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Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist | Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis | American Board of Hypnotherapy

People who have low self-esteem may be less able to see their own worth, or they may see themselves as less valuable than other people. They may also have difficulty achieving their goals because they feel like something is always holding them back. Hypnosis can help people with low self-esteem by helping them become more aware of their strengths and abilities, and teaching them how to use those strengths in new ways.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that can help you to change your self-image and the way you feel about yourself. It can be used in order to improve your self-esteem, confidence and motivation levels.

It is often used in order to remove bad habits, stop smoking or lose weight. Hypnosis can also be used as an alternative treatment for anxiety and depression.

Low self-esteem is a major issue in the United States. It’s estimated that about 30% of the population suffers from low self-esteem at one point or another. And this can have a number of negative consequences on their lives, including:



Low academic achievement

Poor interpersonal relationships

Higher risk for substance abuse

Suicide attempts

A sedentary lifestyle.

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