About the author: Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is accredited and certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The National Guild of Hypnotists, and The American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis: Knowing with Hypnosis


Forget what you think you know, the answers are already within.
Trust yourself, believe, learn, solve, love, and understand!

This is your path to freedom, this journey is never linear neither is your healing.
It all starts with a single drop of rain that turns into a tidal wave, this is you back to your natural state as intended.

This is your freedom, are you ready for it?

Sometimes the most important moments in your life are the ones we keep simple.

Ready or not?


Making changes with Hypnosis


If you are ready to make massive changes in your life and live beyond your limitations, addictions, or any other negative behaviours I am here for you.

For those who are not quite ready yet, it will come to you. The little voice will tell you it’s time.

I’ll be here for you as well!

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Not everything will go according to plan, your plans.

So, what exactly happens then?
Do you stop in your tracks and give up?
Or do you work hard to find a solution?

The truth is we control very little in this world, but one thing we have full control of is “us!”

We control our behavior, actions, thoughts, and self-talk. Do you have unshakable confidence to accomplish your goals?

It’s time to break through the self-doubts, fear, anxiety, and negative self-talk.

It’s time to reclaim what is yours: “YOU!”

Trusting yourself


We were born confident and loveable, somewhere along the way we simply forgot or ignored the truth. We let others control how we feel about ourselves and how little we value that inner voice.

Those negative voices we here started as someone else’s and now it’s our voice.

We have lost belief, faith, and confidence in ourselves.

All those negative words and thoughts have added up and taken a tremendous toll on us.

We just don’t trust ourselves as much as we should.

The good news is there is a way to change all of this, like turning the light on.

The first step is to change the narrative from negative to positive (the positive must outweigh the negative).
The next steps are to change how we feel about those memories that have caused harm.

And now we build up towards the sky as your confidence and self-esteem soar!

This is the apex of the transformation toward your natural state!

Are you ready to soar?

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Fanis Makrigiannis | C.Ht, MNLP | Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis

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