As I mentioned in my previous post, smoking is a very powerful addiction. In the U.S alone the big 4 manufactures spent approx. 7.6 Billion annually on advertising (according to the CDC in 2019). That’s about $22.5 million per day!

Even more amazingly, than the amount spent on advertising, is the number of deaths directly and indirectly caused by smoking. According to the CDC in 2019 480,000 people (friends, family, neighbors, loved ones) lost their lives.

We know smoking will kill us — yet we start!

The first few drags, cigarettes our body fights back, coughing, chocking, wanting to vomit! Yet, we continue.

Our body says NO! and our mind says keep going.


Mainly because your subconscious is trying to tell you something. The subconscious is genius, absolutely brilliant actually.

It’s intentions are absolutely positive — although the behavior as a result may be less than ideal.

Ask smokers, why they smoke.

Most will say: “it calms be down!”

Exactly, your mind is stressed, it needs an outlet and you smoke to calm down.

Great intention, poor execution.

My Hypnotherapy to quit smoking program is powerful and absolutely effective!

I follow a unique process similar to building your dream home.

Start with a strong foundation, and build upwards (meticulously of course).

After the free virtual strategy session, a plan is developed and executed. Each plan is specifically customized for you!

You cannot just apply a veneer coating for an addiction like smoking!

Correct! Smoking is a very powerful addiction — you must establish the root cause(s) before completing the program (remember the foundation metaphor).

Discovering why you started smoking (fear of rejection for me personally) will help you understand your true intentions greater — thus making easier to quit!

If you’re ready to quit, and committed to quitting I urge to follow the link. It may be the most important meeting you’ll ever have.

Kind regards,

Fanis Makrigiannis C.Ht

Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH/ABH)

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