Healing with advanced Hypnotherapy.

Fanis Makrigiannis C.Ht Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis

Fanis Makrigiannis Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht) American Board of Hypnotherapists and National Guild of Hypnotists

For many meeting the Hypnotherapist for the very first time may cause stress and anxiety. What most don’t know is that this is most difficult part of the process.

“How do I tell a total stranger my deepest issues?”

I always tell my clients about being honest. Not just to me, but themselves. Only with absolute honesty can you move forward to a place of reuniting with your natural state (a place where your conscious and subconscious minds finally work in unison).

Find yourself is a beautiful process. Rediscovering memories, thoughts and feelings you may have locked away many years ago.

Hypnotherapy when completed by a trained professional is extremely powerful and effective. The client must believe in the process and be willing to accept the new positive suggestions. You cannot be forced into Hypnotherapy, and the Therapist cannot instill suggestions that are in direct violation of your core beliefs.

Hypnotherapy is not mind control, it does not make you weak or robotic. It is pure, natural and heals the client on many levels.

Hypnotherapy can not and should not be scripted. The hypnotherapist (the accredited and qualified ones) would never read from a piece of paper (only notes from the meeting should be used). I’m amazing to see just how many “Hypnotherapists” are trained by watching YouTube videos. Please ask for proof of accreditation.

Discovering the root cause of an issue with the client is an amazing feeling (for me as well). That break through moment, where your client literally frees themselves is euphoric. Even an experienced Hypnotherapist like myself cannot contain emotions when that moment occurs! It is absolutely breathtaking.

This process cannot happen over night, there are to many who make this promise! Sadly, most clients will fall back into the negative behavior once the trigger re-appears. Too many short-cuts, by too many equals bad therapeutic practices.


Client care is not an assembly line, it is not a fast food restaurant to order the special number 2 on the menu. It is all about individual care, no two people are alike – why would the therapy be?

Going into a deep hypnotic state (trance) is absolutely beautiful. You drift into yourself, you are deeply relaxed, you feel free and open to emotions and the truth!

As a client always do your research, educate yourself about the process and make sure the Hypnotherapist is accredited and qualified. Make sure to ask questions about their therapy plan, and ensure they ask you the right questions – how can you heal if the right questions are not being asked.

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