Hypnosis & Misconceptions



I love watching movies as much as the average person, but Hollywood is in the fiction business. Adding drama (whether real or otherwise) to a topic sells seats and increases their bottom line.

Let me clear the air about Hypnosis & the misconceptions that surround it.

There are several long standing institutions, and Hypnotist like myself who enjoy answering your hypnosis questions.

A large portion of the general public misunderstand what Hypnosis really is, so I feel it is very important to shed some light on this topic.

Here are but a few questions we as Hypnosis Practitioners are asked:

“Will I lose consciousness?”

This is probably the most common misconception surrounding Hypnosis. The quick, easy and accurate answer is “No!” You are fully aware, deeply relaxed, hyper-focused, and open to positive suggestions.

“Will I surrender my will power?”

Again, because of how Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy portrayed, many believe you surrender your will. “No!” you do not surrender you will, you will not submit to any hidden techniques or power of the Hypnotist. Because the client is always (at all times) very capable of making decisions.

“Am I weak minded?” 


Some believe that only fools and buffoons can be hypnotized. The truth (and reality) is, hypnosis requires focus & concentration, the best clients are actually the more intelligent of the population.

“Will my deepest secrets be revealed?” 


Some believe that while under hypnosis you can forced to reveal your deepest secrets (about yourself or others). However, this is not possible because the client is fully aware of everything during hypnosis.

“Am I gullible?”


This question is similar to being “weak minded” so my response is the same.

“Will I be asleep?”


You will deeply relaxed and fully aware of everything.

So, I hope these questions/answers helped alleviate some of your concerns regarding hypnosis.

Please feel free to contact me personally, or arrange your free 30-min virtual strategy session if you’re looking for new life Hypnotherapy Services.

Kind regards,

Fanis Makrigiannis C.Ht

NGH Certified Hypnotist

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