How Does Hypnosis Help Me Quit Smoking



“How does hypnosis help me quit smoking?”


A question I hear often, and honestly the answer is very personal with me.

I will cover all points about smoking, quitting, becoming healthier, walk away from this addiction, hypnosis effectiveness, statistics, why it’s difficult to go “cold turkey” and why so many fail, changing the meaning of the image, time line therapy, discovering the root cause of why you began, becoming one again, suggestions, permanent changes and a lot more.

My quit smoking with hypnosis is powerful and very effective – it needs to be! The addiction is strong, it plays with your mind, it challenges you, it dares you to quit!

I ‘ve been there, I know what’s it’s like, I feel your pain!

I understand!

As a much younger man, I wanted to fit in with the “others.”

You know, the cool kids huffing and puffing at the very edge of the school grounds, freezing, sweating, getting drenched just to be included. The need to feel of “belonging.”

And that’s how I began, maybe your story is different but it ends the same…you are now addicted, it’s costing your health, friends, socially and not to mention the financial burden.

If you tried to quit in the past – don’t give up.

I’ll be discussing how I can help with powerful Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming.

It’s fast, powerful and effective!

More information is coming your way soon!

If you’re ready to quit, contact me personally.

I’m here to help!

Would you like more info?

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Fanis Makrigiannis C.Ht

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