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How can you tell if someone is hypnotized?


There are several unique signs of hypnosis. Keep in mind that everyone is a little different in how they present.

Muscle relaxation is the most obvious. Your body will feel extremely relaxed and calm, especially the muscles in your face. The facial muscles tend to become very smooth and the eyelids flutter (especially during the initial stages of hypnosis).

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Eyes watering is another characteristic of hypnosis, I’ve noticed this frequently with clients who enter a deep hypnotic state. Other clients have also stated “tunnel vision” or “blurred vision.” These symptoms disappear almost immediately once the trance has ended.

The client will be less likely to be distracted by outside noises, I always add that to the beginning of a trance saying if you hear any noises the trance will deepen even further – this is very effective!

Breathing and pulse rates will slow down to a comfortable level, once the client is fully relaxed.

One of my favorite indicators of hypnosis is time distortion. I’ve had clients say they didn’t “feel” hypnotized, I will always ask “how long do they believe the trance lasted?” A 30-min hypnotic trance will feel like only 5-10 min has passed.

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Fanis Makrigiannis | C.Ht, MNLP | Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis

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