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Healing the root cause or the symptoms?

When I listen to other Hypnotherapists, I truly find just how different my healing programs are. The lack of empathy, understanding and basic common sense dumbfounds me. Yes, hypnosis is very powerful, but only when used correctly.

How can you truly heal a client without determining why the behaviour began in the first place? The symptoms show because of the issue, not due to the behaviour itself. You did not begin smoking just to smoke, there were underlying issues, the same as alcohol addiction or narcotics. Your subconscious mind needed a distraction, a way to make you feel better, a way to forget.

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Most smokers when asked about what smoking does for them, response “it calms me down!” This is your subconscious mind telling you that there is an issue buried deep within. The issue may be from a trauma, or the feeling of not being good enough, worthy enough, or loveable enough. Your subconscious will send you subtle hints, a small nudge of what is happening in the background.

I’ve seen several clients now who have had sessions with other Hypnotherapists. I was shocked to hear the level (or lack of) of true healing.

When you paint over a crack on the wall, the crack still exists! My work is foundational, building from the bottom up, healing the core issue(s) and increasing the levels of confidence, wellness, self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth!

Be very careful every time you hear about 30-min healing!  Your behaviour did not begin in one day, certainly it cannot magically disappear in 30-min! Healing takes time, weeks to be exact. You will begin the feel the hypnotic effects by around session 3 (your friends or loved ones will probably notice the subtle changes first).

I know you are in pain, but don’t rush to find a healer. Speak to them first, gain understanding and be open to their suggestions.

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