Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is a Certified Hypnotherapist with The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

The first step towards healing!

“Honesty gives you courage, courage helps you soar towards understanding, understanding opens your heart
to knowledge, knowledge transforms your mind with power and freedom!”

mind spirit body hypnosis mind spirit body hypnosis
Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist | American Board of Hypnotherapists | National Guild of Hypnotists

These are the words I use with my clients, regularly (not verbatim, you get the point).

The very first step, the beginning, the creation of healing and ultimate freedom is honesty.

And not the everyday honesty we preach to our kids, but the toughest of all.

“The honest truth about ourselves!”

Admitting to ourselves that there is a problem is so difficult to do. No more blaming a spouse or anyone else. This is your movie, you are the director – this your story.

Taking absolute responsibility for the honest truth is not an easy task – believe me it takes courage.

Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis can help you overcome your emotional struggles and to help you feel free again!

Once we find courage, we begin to learn a ton about ourselves (some we already knew but has been regressed for so long!) The learning process is a profoundly powerful tool! Aha moments happen during this stage, “oh my now, I understand why I behave this way!”

Coming to terms with this new found knowledge is very powerful, but may be a tad overwhelming as well. We usually have many emotions waiting to come to the surface!

Healing, resolution is close once we have knowledge, the “why’s” of our behaviours become “what’s next?”

What comes next is amazing, an emotional tearful reunion of the all parts acting in sync and in perfect harmony. This is you going back, then forward towards nature, your natural state – becoming the person you were meant to be!

All this from courage to take that one small step towards your path to freedom.

You must be ready, and you will know when that is click on the link in my bio! I assure you, reaching out is the hardest part.


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